Wednesday, 19 November 2008

Work in Progress

Hi all especially the full-timers,

A quick but important note to the full-timers who only have 4 weeks left on the Pre-production module. Remember that the Pre-production module is all about planning and preparing your idea for production. It is a time (assessable time) when you need to plan for the eventualities of producing your (mainly) levels. Ask yourselves the following questions:

Have I a clear idea of the ACTUAL tasks I need to do to complete the level?
Have I clearly planned my TIME to complete them?
Have I ENOUGH research to ensure that my level isn't just a re-hash of what has gone before?
Have I ASKED enough questions of the RIGHT people to ensure that my idea is of a professional standard?
Have I REALLY a clear idea who my actual AUDIENCE are?
Have I got a clear idea what MARKET exists for my idea?
Have I enough understanding of INTELLECTUAL PROPERTY RIGHTS and COPYRIGHT?
Have I really done enough DEVELOPMENT of my idea?

Remember you need to supply for assessment the following:

A rationale, gantt chart and research folder (20% of final module grade)
A design document (or equivalent) that summarizes ALL the pre-production work you've done since September (50% of final module grade)
A presentation where you will PITCH your idea at the panel audience - the aim is not to discuss but CONVINCE us that your idea is well conceived, well planned and achievable. (30% of final module grade)

Imagine the audience of the presentation have money to invest in your idea. A green light from them means you would be paid to produce your project. That is how you should think about your module work. Can I convince others that my idea will work. Be confident, be passionate but ensure you've thought of and covered as many angles as you can.

The next group crit will be on Wednesday 2nd December at 9:30am in C431.

Full-timers will have 10 minutes to demonstrate what they have planned to date and to discuss how they propose to document it into a design document (or equivalent).
IT IS CRUCIAL YOU BRING WORK TO SHOW. This includes gantt charts, visuals, roughs, sketches, thumbnails etc. At this stage you should be in the later stages of finalising your idea and locking the tasks down into your gantt chart to set yourself deadlines.

Part-timers at this last group crit before Christmas you will begin to discuss (with examples) how you're developing the project's rationale.

The Pre-production presentation for full-timers will be on Wednesday 17th December.

If in doubt book a tutorial to talk things over with me (some of you are already doing so). I can see full-timers on Thursdays and Fridays.

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