Thursday, 23 July 2009

Important message for part-time students only

Hi part-timers,

In my Monday, 6 July post "September Dates' I proposed a day change to Friday for part-time students, to ease the timetabling of Stas and Dean. I have heard from one of you who has encountered very real work-related problems with such a change, and that is understandable and I've made arrangements. So far I haven't heard from the rest of the group if this change is fine or equally problematic.

My problem that I forsaw in July is that year 1 and 2 are timetabled at the beginning of the week in J313 with Stas and Dean. In your first year Wednesday was great for me and Kate to be timetabled with you, but between September and December Stas and Dean are locked into heavy delivery.

If you let me know how you are fixed ASAP I can begin to make some provision if there is any problems. Currently Dean and Stas are on summer leave, and so will I be from Monday. So if a change of day to Friday is out completely for everyone, then I will need to arrange some dispensation with both of them to accommodate tutorials during a very busy teaching schedule. That's not to say it cannot be done.

Your final Production module will be pretty much self-directed by yourselves and specialist-tutor tutorials would naturally only take place every few weeks. So I perceive that if Friday is fully or even partially out due to work, then I would negotiate a tutorial schedule with both of them which may mean a lunch-time or end-of-day tutorial. Flexibility and compromise I think will be the motto for the first term of next year. Timetables change in January so things may become less problematic.

If you can do Friday then that is fine, either way please tell me ASAP.

Have a great summer and I'll see you mid-September.

Wednesday, 15 July 2009

Personal Finances

Hi all, new and returners,

Just a friendly reminder that if you are seeking student loans, LEA funding, grants etc. sort out your paperwork now rather than later. The later you leave it the further down the respective waiting lists you slip.

This may mean that any money you may require in the new academic year may be severely delayed. Some students last year didn't have any money until November because they left it so late to get the paperwork done.

Any queries the guy to arrange an appointment with is Keiron Potter in Student Services.

Have a good summer.

Tuesday, 7 July 2009

Potential New Students

Potential New Students

If you didn't get a UCAS form in by the deadline then you will still need to complete one. Visit Student Services, as you will now be classed as 'Clearing'.

Monday, 6 July 2009

September Dates

Hi Part-Timers and new Full-Timers,

I'll confirm dates, times and rooms towards the end of August but for now here are some provisional dates for your diary.

First day is proposed as Wednesday 16th September at 9:30am. Your contact day of lectures, group crits and tutorials will be on Wednesdays.

Now that you are into your last module I'm proposing a day change to Friday's. This is so that your specialist-tutors Stas and Dean can be timetabled with you in J313. Can you discuss this with your managers and make arrangements?