Saturday, 8 November 2008

Help would be appreciated

Visual Effect

Hi, I would appreciate any help offered, in achieving this visual effect.

Is it possible to do this in movie maker/any other software?

The notes would be imported into movie maker as individual images and at a given point light up. As you can see in the demo at any one time there can be 70 images/notes on the screen.

The images/notes will not be linked to sound but might be at a later date in the form of a split screen.

I know 'music animation machine' gives out free software to create this effect but this does not help me as I need to be able to manipulate the visual aspect of the notes as they travel across the screen.

If movie maker is a no go any suggestions of what software I could use.


Dave Wood said...

Hi Dave,

By some quick research on the guys Music Animation Time Machine website ( it looks like the simple answer is "no, not without a lot of animation". My best guess would be that it could be approximated trough animating in after Effects. Alternatively you could ask the guy himself, his name is Stephen. His email is

musanim said...

Have you figured this out yet?

Stephen Malinowski
Music Animation Machine