Thursday, 13 November 2008

Are you looking to do a character model in your spare time?

I know most of you character moddelers have choosen what you want to do your character on but i thought i'd throw out an idea. I'd like to input into my game a character moddel. Its a fairly complicated one but if you feel like a challenge and want to do a character in your spare time i would love to have a high polly count predator. I have low polly cont predators, aliens and many other models but thought that someone may want a challenge. (may be interested in a human infantry man (based from the film aliens)

If it worked and was a semi good quality i'd use it in my final project, of course i'd give all credit to you. And i don't need any paperwork just the model.

Either way keep it in mind. and if your interested give me a shout either on here or via my email.


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