Thursday, 30 April 2009

Bare Bones

At the moment I am drawing more position of my character, so I'm just showing some work in progress. A point of interest is the comments on my artwork post, it would be interesting to get more views.

Character artwork

Nice one Ste for your feed back, I may have been misleading with posting the art work when it is not completely finished I still have amour to add to the characters body, so I was showing some WIP.

Message for Dave Wood: IMPORTANT

Hi dave ive sent you a email to your account could you look at it for me plaese?

Pictures for Tony

Here you go Tony i think this is more the type of thing that would suit your character just dont think your character looks very steampunkish at the moment and it would add to it. Just a suggestion mate.

Character artwork and blogger link

Hello everyone, Just sending a link to my blogger page for people who has not seen any of my work.

Please feel free to add constuctive comments.


Part-time Pre-production Presentations

Wednesday 6th May

Note to full-timers

Just to remind you that the tone of your presentation is to convince not to explain us. The time to explain what you have done in the pre-production stage was during the group crits. Now is the time to pitch your production idea to the audience, show us what you will do and be positive and confident in your idea. Above all enjoy it!

20 minute presentation + questions.


9:00 - 10:00 Set-up in C431
10:00 - Scott Tasker
10:30 - Tony Weekes
11:00 - Kevin McKenzie
11:30 - Dave Jones
12:00 - Steve Chabeaux

Please ensure you're all in the room by 9:50 including the invited audience. The core audience is restricted to assessors and BA students only.Full-timers are invited to attend. It would be good, if you can attend, to see you all. Some industry people may be in the audience. It may be worthwhile.


Well after i my last post i said i was finished i was actually in the process of finishing off a close up of the face to help me build him in MAx. So i really do mean this is the last character piece now :) Just also added the reference material to the piece purely for the research folder.


Hello there peeps well you will be glad to know that my character is finished im so happy its complete only thing left to do now is the vehicle and then thats it all concept work done :)
I posted my Weapon design on the Unreal Community and ive had some really great comments and advice it got mentioned to only have one coloured light throughout so ive gone back and changed it to only one colour scheme i think it works alot better. I have to agree it does look better now :) Does anyone agree?

Wednesday, 29 April 2009

Badge Change

Ive decided to change the logo for the 2057 bike, do you prefer it to the old Lombo rip off one lol?

Tuesday, 28 April 2009

Final perspective views for the Assault Rifle

Well here is my final angles for the assault rifle so my weapon is now finished just the vehicle and the rear perspective of the character and im finished then its pitch bible time :)
Hi Everyone...

I just thought I'd post up a few concept sketches of how my Environment will be set together.

This is the area where the fight will start. Beach Landing - Zone 1

This section leads up to the Forest Clearing, from Zone 1 into Zone 2.

This section is the Forest - Zone 2 and this will then lead to Zone 3 the Viking Village - Ragnorak.

Here is Ragnorak Viking Village Zone 3.
These are all just rough layouts but it helps to organize the "walk-through".

Here's my blog spot more concept ideas are on there.
still a work in progress... ;o)

A link on how to import one PDF file to another

Ive just put this in DAve comments but dont think its going to work so ill stick it here instead.

Pitch Bible Help!!!

Alright dudes,

I dont know if anyone is currently working on their pitch bibles, but Im about stuck and wondered if anyone can help.

Basically, I have set out my first draft of the pitch bible as follows;

The concept/idea
The Format
Research (including bobber prototype)
Charlie Collier: 1907
Bob McIntyre: 1957
John McGuinness: 2007
Luca Jones: 2057

Im not too sure is thats a good layout, any feedback would be great, thanks.

Also, can I just save images off in photoshop (JPegs) then apply them to a PDF???

Assault Rifle

Well i had some time off this afternoon after handing in my Dissertation ive done this tonight still think it needs working on but going to do the perspective views tomorrow and get the bulk of the work done first. So more to follow once completed....See Above Post.

Monday, 27 April 2009

I cant forget the traditional drawings now can I?

Seeing how my dissertation was written mainly about the lack of traditional skills being used within the computer games industry, I thought I would illustrate this image of my concept motorbike and not use any digital tools to enhance it :)

BA (Hons) Entertainment Media Design UCAS Applications

Those students interested in progressing onto the 3rd year top up BA need to firstly complete a UCAS application. Do arrange an informal chat with me but you need to be registered with UCAS.


The process is:

UCAS application -
Route B: Course Code - E212
Institution code name: STHEL
Institution code: S51
Start date: 01 September 2009

Complete FD

Interview (informal) for BA

Start September 2009

Dissertatio hand in

When you submit your dissertation today ensure you get a receipt. DON'T LEAVE. iT ON ANYONE'S DESK!

You can hand it into Jon the admin officer in J312 or the 3rd floor admin office in the maian building. Staff will be in and out so ensure you allow for that.

Work submited without a receipt is at your own risk as we cannot trace it of problems occur.

Good luck


Thought I'd give you all a giggle and you can see just how bad my atempt at motion capture acting really is for my pre-production work ^^

(dont do this at home folks! it does hurt when you do it wrong too :p )

Sunday, 26 April 2009

Dissertation hand in Time

Kate or Dave

Will it be ok to hand in the Dissertaton on Monday at 4.15 (Room J 312).


Saturday, 25 April 2009

Quick question for Dave Wood

Hi Dave im just filling in the list of illustrations section of the dissertation and im wondering can you show me how to lay it out for properly. Here are the images URL's ive taken off the internet to explain to the reader better the whole production process:

On the Leeds university reference website it says to lay it out like this but i dont really understand it?

ORIGINATOR. Year. Title of image [online]. [Date accessed]. Available from World Wide Web: URL.
NEWRY INSTITUTE. 2002. Current student [online]. [Accessed 4th December 2002]. Available from World Wide Web: <>.

I understand most of it but dont understand the ORIGNATOR & Year. Could you clear this up for me please Dave?

While im here the first 2 images i got of neil thompson when we was on the FD course how do i reference them?



Friday, 24 April 2009

Message for Kate O'Leary

Myself and Ste will be coming in on Monday to hand in our dissertations to you, will you be in the staff room at 11 AM?


Monday Tutorials

Hi Tony and Kev,

I'll be free on Monday afternoon for tutorials. Book a time that's convenient.

Tony, I've been mad busy this week but will discuss your pitch bible plan with you on Monday. Remember to use my work email for emailing drafts.


Start of a New Concept

In between finishing off my dissertation ive started on i rear perspective of the character just so when i come to build the character in 3DS Max i have a better picture on how the character should look. Will udate as i go as usual :)

Thursday, 23 April 2009

Another promotional design

Hey peeps,

Ive been working on another promo image, let me know your thoughts!

Wednesday, 22 April 2009

Promotional Image

Between working on my blueprint, I have also started work on promotional images, for example, this bad boy :)

I have a ton more in store, so which this spa....errr. blog :)

Finished Blueprint

Hey guys and girls,

I have completed my final blueprint of my concept motorcycle, I will now work on a splash image of the bike, well when I get a minute that is :)

Message for Dave Wood

Hi Dave just to let you know ive sent you an email to your home email address with my dissertation and some comments Kate has made im a bit confused and need you to look at as soon as possible.



Monday Tutorials

Hi part-timers,

I'll be free on Monday for tutorials. I'm currently in Edinburgh so I'll confirm times on Thursday.

Even if I individually see you all, still attend the Wednesday group crit with Dean next week for final fine tuning. The network and support you have given each other over the last academic year is important. Keep it going. That network is independent of me. Show and tell. And enjoy!

Good luck.


I haven't forgotten about you guys. Kate, Stas and Dean have been keeping me informed on your progress. Ensure you keep the momentum going. Keep the hard work going. Its a matter of weeks now before submission and hopeful graduation. Keep me informed of any problems. I like NICE surprises so don't self-destruct this late in the year!

Good luck.

Tuesday, 21 April 2009


Well after all these months here is the first finished concept design of my character cant believe im starting to finally rap things up i very pleased how its turned out :) What does everyone think?

Pitch Bible/Design Document

Hi Part-timers,

Here is the information I would have shared at group crit this week but couldn't.

The document you will produce is the tip of the iceberg regarding the work you've done so far. Remember the iceberg tip is all that shows of the huge mass below. It demonstrates its presence. Your document is the method with which you show the pre-production work you've done.

It is a concise document that pitches your proposed project to an audience defined by yourself. It takes us through your project from idea to schedule. It gives the reader enough information to understand your project. It must feature information on market, audience and intellectual property for your project.

It is a visually focused document. Text is supported by images showing your research, concepts and time-management.

Overall it should sell your idea to potential decision-makers (in this case your assessors).

I've re-posted some ideas I posted back in October you may have forgotten about. Use them as inspirations. None of them will be exactly the format you will use. Look over them again and see how each takes you through aspects of different projects. Think how each takes you on a journey through the pre-production work.

Your document will do something similar, but for your project work. There is no one definitive way of doing this.

In the document you will be assessed on the following:

• Conceptualize a creative project for a specific audience from the proposal stage
• Communication of your final concept
• Demonstrate your working methodology
• Demonstrate deadlines and work schedule
• Visual presentation

Your hand in for the entire module should be on a disc as follows:

A research folder
A pitch bible document
Gantt Chart

Make everything clear to the assessors. Don't just lump everything together, structure the disc using folders.

Grades can be maximized with thought on how you present the course work.

I will be available for individual tutorials on request. Unfortunately I have to be off site next Wednesday. But next week's group crit can still go ahead without me. Dean will stand in. So 9:30 in C431.


Pitching Schedule example

Source: Dave Wood - New Media Bazaar


3D Modellers Design Document example

(link to pdf to be added)
Source: Dave Wood - biennialFreerunner


Animation Pitch Bible with Episode Guide example

Pitch Bible [PDF]
Full Concept Bible [PDF]
Source: Cake Entertainment


Pitch Bible Blogs & Info

Cartoon Creation Blog

The Pitch Bible: Just The Essentials

Monday, 20 April 2009

Friday Tutorials

Hi all

I'll be available for tutorials this Friday between 11:00 and 1:00. First-come-first-served. Respond to book via email or comment below.

I will post separately about the pitch bible. Info I would have passed on this Wednesday.

If you've done the research, the gantt chart, the rationale and your concepts then it is simply a case of presenting them now. How you do it is your decision. I explain this further in my next post.

Kate has emailed you all about the dissertation and Dean is seeing some of you on Wednesday for a tutorial.


Thought I might interest a few of the level designers with this job posting I found

good luck if you go for it!

Sunday, 19 April 2009

Here is the link...

For Ste Shabbs!

Alright Ste, here is the image - also, have a look at this link - it shows loads of unreal characters, they make for damn cool reference!

Concept Motorcycle scale

Here is an image to show the scale of the concept :)

Start of the final character holding weapon.

Well ladies and gents im finally starting to rap up all of my designs now ive just started to experimenting with some colours for the character holding the weapon as a finished piece still need to work into in loads so ill update as i go.

Concept Motorcycle

Dudes!!! I've finished a side view shot of my concept motorcycle - as you can see I've made some necessary alterations to the design. For example, Ive lowered the ride height, made the body out of carbon ribre and changed the rear swingarm.

Let me know what you think, please compare it to the original design!

Nice one

Saturday, 18 April 2009

FINAL Final Part-time Group Crit - this is for your diary!

Hi all Part-timers,

It looks like not everyone can make next Friday for a group crit, therefore we'll have to do the final group crit on the following Wednesday.

That's Wednesday 29th April at 9:30 in C431.

Use next week to really wrap up the concepts and planning. Contact Dean to see if he is free for a Wednesday tutorial while I'm away. I'll be free for tutorials on Friday of next week for those who need it.

Ignore any previous posts. This is the final date to add to your diary.

Message for Dave Wood

HI Dave ive just been talking to Dave Jones and we are wondering if we could come in and discuss our Pitch Bible with you. We aint to happy about leaving it till the 29th as this does not leave much time to get everything sort before hand in date on the 6th of May. So if that's OK with you can we arrange a time on Friday to go through everything with you?


Well here is the vehicle im going to go with its taken ages to get to this point but im pleased with the result. What does anyone think of it?

Wednesday, 15 April 2009

Dissertation Question

Hey peeps,

Just a quick one, if you reference the title of a book, product or movie. For example, including Star Wars into the dissertation, do you have to include the Trade-Mark or Registered logo with it?

That applys aswell to computer software that is included?



Well with my character and weapon virtually done just got the vehicle to do so here is my first initial ideas more to follow. It is a land vehicle to be used on other planets such as Mars to get around from place to place the kind of shape that im after is like a scorpion type thing.