Thursday, 13 November 2008

Hi everyone. Dave suggested I should post some of my maps on here and show you what I've done. The first one is the floorplan of the mansion the player starts in. The objective of this part is to escape from the building but the doors locked, so the player has to search for the key. Which is where the second picture comes in. This is a puzzle in the library where the player has to move some of the bookcases around in a certain order to uncover the hidden cupboard behind one of the cases containing the key.
Also if you want to try the test version of this puzzle I made in UT2004, you can find it here:
If you have a go let me know what you think

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Dave Wood said...

Thanks for posting these. Post more of the work you discussed so Stas and I can really gauge where you are up to and advise you.