Thursday, 13 November 2008

My Rationale

Well my first post. To be honest i'm always at a loss as to what to say here so i not really posted anything. But i thought i'd post my rationale as it was writen for the group crit. After speaking to Dave i'm going to change it a load but at least you can see what i done and either use it to help yours or at least help you realise what not to do hehe. Either way enjoy or coment on it.

The Rationale – Brief

• What I will be producing
Aliens vs Predator: Reunion, is a game based in the world of Aliens and Predators. I will be producing the first level of the Predator Campaign. In the pre-production section I will be producing a Level Design Document for the first level of the Predator Campaign. It will contain maps of the ground, a positional layout of all the characters, objects, structures and obstacles. The production section will hold the final product. I will be using the Crytek Engine to produce this level as it is appropriate for both forest scenes and cave like environments. The level will include as much scripting as a non-modified engine will allow. A number of revolutionary concepts are being planned and will go into the Pre-Production section of the work.

• Why
AVP: Reunion gives the player the opportunity to play three very distinct gaming styles as well as utilizing some of the best graphics currently employed in the games industry. To show that a previously established game and film series that revolutionalised the industry at the time of its release can do so again.

Above all I want to follow the intent of this module, I wish to show that I can produce a level design document using either an existing design document or an existing intellectual property. The reason for this is that in the industry I would not likely be producing something completely original initially and even when I get a job I will not be producing a design document I will be taking one that has been produced and I need to prove that I can work from something that has been produced.

• How
Using the Crytek Engine I will produce most of the first level. I will be using the Sandbox2 editor and will be using many of the integrated objects, including buildings and vehicles.

• When
I will have finished the pre-production part of the exercise for the December deadline and will then be able to start on the production of the level after that. The deadline is a date in May that is to be confirmed. I will be producing a schedule based on the pre-production information.

• Who
I will be producing the level based on the pre-production documentation. I will also be involving Alpha and Beta testers in different stages of the production. Alpha testers will be used to test different section of the level to confirm its viability for fun and the intent behind the section.

• Intellectual Property Rights
Intellectual Property Rights is a concern because the level is based in an established universe. IPR is designed to protect the original authors of the work and to ensure that they continue to have a primary say in the work released. As long as I do not publicly release this I will not be breaking any IPR’s. All people who have access to this will have signed a non disclosure document.

• Audience
The audience of this game will include Horror, stalking and hunting fans. As it has 3 very different campains, it will appeal to many different FPS players. With only a few games that are horror based and even fewer that use graphics of such a high level it will appeal to many different types of gamers.

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Dave Wood said...

Thanks for sharing this. I'll be interested in seeing the next draft.