Sunday, 9 November 2008

Apology + 1 rep down, 1 to go

Just a quick post to apologise to Tony. I said I'd get back to you last Thursday RE your idea. Unfortunately on Wednesday I succumbed after a really intense day to a really bad cold and was off work for the rest of the week. While off I was still going to read your document and feed back to you but unfortunately I couldn't access my work email to download it. Could you post it onto the blog today and I'll feedback as soon as you do. I think the problem is that my password has expired but the wonder of modern technology is that it doesn't tell me or let me update it unless I'm in work on a PC. 21st century, nowhere near.

FOOTNOTE: Cheers Ste, I think due to the apathy that we can take that as your nomination. Hello full-timers, no volunteers? It's your degree too! I don't want to start sounding like a broken record...

Ste, if you start soliciting some feedback from the part-timers for Wednesday. You know the score. Cheers


Ste Chabeaux said...

Can all part-timers email me with any concerns or issues that they feel like they want bringing up please? Dave Jones is having trouble with his computer so i dont expect to hear anything from him. I shall give him a ring instead. My home email address is

Kurzon said...

if i didn't have health problems i'd do it but there is no way i could come to st helens just for a forum. it would kill me hehe. So i'm sorry but i'm going to have to say no to doing this