Monday, 10 November 2008


Further to my previous post, ‘Help would be appreciated’ (8 November 2008). I have been advised that the Max/MSP/Jitter is the initial route to follow, ‘to better understand what I am trying to achieve’, I know that sounds like Zen philosophy but then as my old Da use to say ‘there is no easy way’..

My questions for our little community, does anybody have knowledge of said Max/MSP/Jitter? or know anybody who does? I think I am trying to translate audio input to images, for you lecturers who follow this blog, a contact in the film or audio departments will be followed up.

There is a ton of info on the web and more forums than you can shake a proverbial stick at but being an old fashioned sort, it would be good to have a one on one with someone who has the requisite knowledge, in a place where they always sell coffee. Hopefully they can put me on the right path or provide a route map to the right path (enough of this Zen).

Dave thanks for Stephen Malinowsk email, we have become e buddies. Once I have reached the seventh level of knowledge (I can’t help it), he has promised me unstinting assistance.



Dave Wood said...

Try Mike Cowen in the Media Centre as your gatekeeper. Also can I assign you a tutorial for this Thursday?

DaveR said...

That would be great an early morning slot would be fine.

Alec said...

Hi, I used to be student of Dave Wood at St Helens, and found this post through his blog.

Have you considered using Flash Actionscript? You could have an array of movie clips corresponding to each note on screen, with the y co-ordinate representing pitch, the width of the clip stretched by its duration, and the x co-ordinate adjusted for each frame by a variable representing tempo.

The data for each note could be held in an array, which, though tedious to set up, would give you control, and you could cut and paste chunks where the music repeats.

Alternatively, you could try Processing, an open source and therefore free language created specifically for artists rather than coders. I'm only just starting to explore it ( It looks interesting, though it may be more for visuals, whereas Max/MSP seems for sound.

You can download it from, and there are several books available on how to use it.

Dave Wood said...

Hi Alec, good to read a comment from you and that you are keeping abreast of what happens at St Helens.