Monday, 3 November 2008

Group Rep and 1st Student Forum

Hi everyone,

Three important things to share:

Numero Uno - Group Rep(s) Needed NOW!

Do you remember my call on week 1 that you guys need to appoint a group rep to represent your year - you guessed it I need at least one plucky volunteer (2 would be great). Ideally 1 rep for full-timers and 1 rep for part-timers. You get your own uniform (I lie), you get access to the student rep VIP secret lounge (another lie) and most importantly you get to have a say on how the degree is run, contribute to acquiring resources and get the respect of your group (truth).

Use the blog to propose/nominate yourselves someone else. I'll need at least 1 rep for next Wednesday's Student Forum (see next point).

Numero Dos - Group Rep(s) need to attend Student Forum

Next Wednesday there will be a student forum held at 1:30 in C431. Held in conjunction with FdA Computer Game Design students it is your opportunity to discuss your needs, gripes, positives and influence the development of the degree. The forum is student-focused and led. Staff team discusses at a future meeting the points raised. This forum happens twice an academic year and is crucial to the degree. Student reps lead the forum but any student can attend. In fact we recommend that you all attend.

Numero Tres - Room change

From now on when we meet for crits or tutorials it will be now in C431. J313 has finally been benched and networked as a teaching room Yay! The next group crit is soon and I'll post that separately. If you think you need a 1-to-1 tutorial sooner i'm free this Thursday or later this Wednesday afternoon. Email me to arrange an appointment time.

That's all for now. Spread the word!


Blue Scotty said...

any chance I can book a tutorial for wednesday afternoon?

Dave Wood said...

I can see you at 4:00. OK?

Blue Scotty said...

thats fine.. when is the next group crit btw?