Monday, 8 February 2010

My character in UT3 continued

Video 2 shows my new fully textured character shooting an old version of my character that i had problems with.

Video 3

Video 3 just shows more footage of my character running round in a Death Match game i was also checking out that all animation worked ok. I forgot to add the top of the head of the character in the Player Select screen if anyones wondering why there is no top of the head showing up.

Video 4

Video 4 i have produced a Red and Blue texture for the Team Death Match games so here i just wanted to see that they was all working, which they are :) Im currently re-evaluating my model and making some improvements but i promise to put up some more stuff when i can.

My character in UT3

OK Dave here are those videos i promised you i have to apologize for the poor quality of the videos as these taken by myself on a digital camera. As i said in the previous post this was just for my own benefit really, having not used the Unreal Editor or importing before i thought it would be a good idea to get him in there. It was also a good way of seeing were i was having problem i was just glad that i was able to eventually have the character running around to be honest. I'm currently in the process of adding more detail to the character etc and i shall upload more videos when i get the chance. Hope you enjoy the vids :)

Video 1

(Actually seeing the character running around in UT3 gave me quite a buzz after all this time seeing it all come together is very satisfying)

Video 2

In this video it was just showing my fully textured character shootin

Its been a long time..........

Hello there everyone it has been a long time since i have been on here. Anyway Dave Woods has asked me to stick some work up here to show his student up in bonney Scotland. So I'll start off with the character I'm creating for my BA (hons) Degree. I shall show some renders and then i shall show some vids abit later. Having built my model in 3DS MAx it was time to start texturing i started off with a basic texture applied and built upon this as i go.
Basic Colour and experimentation:

With this basic texture applied i started to experiment with different colours and with the aid of the Epic Games Forum ( it was suggested that i should have different Camouflage textures Urban, Desert, Forest, Artic, Spec-Ops and a default camo which i shall probably use from my concept design.
Here is the resulting textures these are by no means finished but its giving me a better understanding how my character is coming together. No Normal, Specular, Emissive maps have yet to be applied these will be created when i done the Z-Brush work.

Concept Colours:

Urban Texture:

Forest Texture:

Artic Texture:

Desert Texture

And that is the state of play regarding the texturing so far i have put this to one side however as i wanted to get the character in-game and do a first pass on importing him into the UT3 engine. In the following post i shall show the result on how i got on :)

Oh before i forget if you want to see a more in depth look at how ive gone about creating this character go to:

It would be nice to have some people following my blog and any feedback would be muchly appreciated. My blog is not up to date but im going to try to address this over the next few days im struggling to keep the blog updated as im working so hard to get the character finished asap.