Wednesday, 5 November 2008

Group Crit next Wednesday morning

Hi all,

Good to see some movement on the rep front. This is a great moment in time that demonstrates the power of democracy and that extends to you guys. Let's see some consensus democracy at work in electing your reps (nice one Ste and Dave).

Anyway, back to the next group crit.

Room C431 Wednesday 12th November 9:30

10 minutes each person + questions

Full-timers you will present your rationale as to what and why you are doing your project (see below)

Part-timers you will present your idea so far from where your idea was 3 weeks ago based upon the feedback you received


The Rationale - what, why, how, when, who

Your rationale is essentially the brief you are setting yourself with you justifying WHY and HOW you will do the project as well as WHAT you will do, WHEN you will do it, and WHO needs to be involved.

The rationale needs to discuss issues of audience, intellectual property rights and market. Look to your module handbook for this module, to the evidence requirements of what you need to submit for assessment and the learning outcomes that need to be met. The rationale should be between 250-500 words only, and should set in a metaphorical stone, what you've been planning since September.

From this rationale you will in December set your work schedule, which will show how you will manage your time up until May.

Use the blog to post drafts of your rationale and to see how each other interprets this structure. Overall the rationale is in your voice, explaining your project and justifying it based upon audience and market.

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DaveR said...

Dave, I will not be able to attend the group crit (12th). I will post my rationale to this blog hopefully it will generate questions.