Monday, 24 November 2008


Hi Dave im just wondering if you or anybody else for that matter could help me out with producing a Gant chart in Excel if that is the normal procedure? I havent got a clue about creating a Gant Chart so any tips or advice would be great?




YizeSteelhazard said...

Heres the youtube video i watched to learn how to create them.

Its for 2007 and if your like me and using the newest version you need to mess a round a little, if you get stuck just post up what your trying to do an I'll try and help more.

Dave Wood said...

do a search on google for gantt charts. click the link that offers free xls files. download it and adapt it. I'm producing a 5 year one for my PhD so will be posting it on my blog soonish. It does take some thought but it doesn't have to be overly complicated. Take Jenny's advice about youtube too. I've seen her gantt chart and she's doing a good job of it.

Remember to submit it as an xls file (older excel) and not as a xlsx file (newer version). We cannot open the newer file format.