Tuesday, 21 April 2009

Pitch Bible/Design Document

Hi Part-timers,

Here is the information I would have shared at group crit this week but couldn't.

The document you will produce is the tip of the iceberg regarding the work you've done so far. Remember the iceberg tip is all that shows of the huge mass below. It demonstrates its presence. Your document is the method with which you show the pre-production work you've done.

It is a concise document that pitches your proposed project to an audience defined by yourself. It takes us through your project from idea to schedule. It gives the reader enough information to understand your project. It must feature information on market, audience and intellectual property for your project.

It is a visually focused document. Text is supported by images showing your research, concepts and time-management.

Overall it should sell your idea to potential decision-makers (in this case your assessors).

I've re-posted some ideas I posted back in October you may have forgotten about. Use them as inspirations. None of them will be exactly the format you will use. Look over them again and see how each takes you through aspects of different projects. Think how each takes you on a journey through the pre-production work.

Your document will do something similar, but for your project work. There is no one definitive way of doing this.

In the document you will be assessed on the following:

• Conceptualize a creative project for a specific audience from the proposal stage
• Communication of your final concept
• Demonstrate your working methodology
• Demonstrate deadlines and work schedule
• Visual presentation

Your hand in for the entire module should be on a disc as follows:

A research folder
A pitch bible document
Gantt Chart

Make everything clear to the assessors. Don't just lump everything together, structure the disc using folders.

Grades can be maximized with thought on how you present the course work.

I will be available for individual tutorials on request. Unfortunately I have to be off site next Wednesday. But next week's group crit can still go ahead without me. Dean will stand in. So 9:30 in C431.


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