Wednesday, 22 April 2009

Message for Dave Wood

Hi Dave just to let you know ive sent you an email to your home email address with my dissertation and some comments Kate has made im a bit confused and need you to look at as soon as possible.



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Dave Wood said...

Hi Ste,

There's no big problems here.

Point 1 - simple enough to amend check Harvard guidelines on Leeds university website (link is posted several times on this blog)
Point 2 - simple 'find and replace' job. Word does it for you Ctrl-F
Point 3 - we discussed this at last tutorial. Each main point you discuss that is supported by your interviewees needs some balancing against other sources. Use google,google books and google scholar to search for other viewpoints that may support or challenge what the Sony guys say. These external sources will strengthen your thesis. We'll discuss this on Friday
Point 4 - no issue here. You've done the research and now synthesized it into your thesis. It's ready for assessment as is.
Point 5 - speaks for itself. Look out for a quote when you do point 3

All of this is just the final tweaks to maximize grades.