Tuesday, 28 April 2009

Hi Everyone...

I just thought I'd post up a few concept sketches of how my Environment will be set together.

This is the area where the fight will start. Beach Landing - Zone 1

This section leads up to the Forest Clearing, from Zone 1 into Zone 2.

This section is the Forest - Zone 2 and this will then lead to Zone 3 the Viking Village - Ragnorak.

Here is Ragnorak Viking Village Zone 3.
These are all just rough layouts but it helps to organize the "walk-through".

Here's my blog spot http://ragnorak-neo-kenzi.blogspot.com/ more concept ideas are on there.
still a work in progress... ;o)


David Casey Jones said...

looking good Kev, do you have any coloured versions of them?

Neo Kenzi said...

Not Yet but since, they've been scanned in, it shouldn't take long to colour them... cheers!

Dave Wood said...

Good to see the blog getting more active :-)

Nice one Kev they're looking good. The black and White drawings certainly have a northern European feel to them. They remind me of Germanic translations of Tolkien's Hobbit, and Beowulf. Cool