Monday, 20 April 2009

Friday Tutorials

Hi all

I'll be available for tutorials this Friday between 11:00 and 1:00. First-come-first-served. Respond to book via email or comment below.

I will post separately about the pitch bible. Info I would have passed on this Wednesday.

If you've done the research, the gantt chart, the rationale and your concepts then it is simply a case of presenting them now. How you do it is your decision. I explain this further in my next post.

Kate has emailed you all about the dissertation and Dean is seeing some of you on Wednesday for a tutorial.


Ste Chabeaux said...

Can i have the 11 oclock slot then Dave please? Dave Jones will probably be coming with me so can he go after me as well? Thanking you muchly :)

David Casey Jones said...

Yeah I will be there with Ste, So I will see you directly after :)

Dave Wood said...

Okey doke

Ste Chabeaux said...

Erm Dave ive had no email off Kate?

Blue Scotty said...

ill take the 12 oclock slot if possible please

Dave Wood said...

Ok Scott, you're on.