Friday, 24 April 2009

Monday Tutorials

Hi Tony and Kev,

I'll be free on Monday afternoon for tutorials. Book a time that's convenient.

Tony, I've been mad busy this week but will discuss your pitch bible plan with you on Monday. Remember to use my work email for emailing drafts.



Neo Kenzi said...

Hi Dave, I've sent you an email about this. 1pm please! That would be great!

Dave Wood said...

Yep 1pm is booked for you. How about you Tony? 1:30?

Neo Kenzi said...

Thanks Dave,

Just a quick query, since I'm an "Environmental Artist" doing Level Design is quite different in terms of pitching.

I'm currently creating a Level Design Document (after seeing examples from other games companies) and something’s are not mentioned. I've compared them to the examples you gave me but its difficult to address some of the factors because as a "level designer" there's no story etc… so it feels like i would have to pitch my idea as ‘level designer’ who has the task of creating a level for an “imaginary game” called 900AD. Would this be the right way to go about this?

I guess I could look at what tasks I’ve been given as a "level designer' with the Viking setting and then take it from that angle. When looking at the examples you gave, some area I’m not too sure how I would incorporate it into my design doc. Is the Pitch Bible the same thing because I’m confused in terms of presentation areas.

the idea I have is to pretend that I work for a games company “Spirit Studios” (my name for my workspace) and that they are creating a game called 900AD – the task I mentioned before would be for me to create the Viking Battle ground’s 3 environment areas. I can then talk about what’s involved and my tasks and how I intend to carry out the tasks and schedule so I could pitch it that way…

What do you think? Is this correct? It would make more sense this way because Level Designer’s don’t have the pitching thing to some degree, but they do have a Design Document.

Thanks for you help!