Tuesday, 10 February 2009

Steven Chabeaux rough Rationale

Hi Dave here is what ive done so far for my rationale ive still got to finish off: Who is involved? Intellectual Property Rights? and Who is my audience? Is that all that's needed Dave?

What is my project?

My project is to create original high polygon models of a human character(Main Character), his weapon/s and his vehicle that could be implemented into any next-gen console out on the market to date, PlayStation3, Xbox 360 or Nintendo Wii.After the models have been built i shall implement them into the Unreal Engine and share it with the Unreal Mod community.
I shall be creating a totally new I.P.set in the future where humanity is struggling to survive on earth and must start to colonise other planets.
The reason why i chose this is because i wanted to create a brand new I.P. that after the course i can carry on building on and build up a portfolio of work ready to show to an employer.

Why this project?

I have a keen interest in character modelling and hopefully one day will be working in this area at a later date in a development studio. So i have chosen this as my project as i believe that this learning process will help me alot in the future. I also chose this project to acuire new found techniques from concept designs through to the actual building of the 3D models and also how game engines work.

How will this be done?

My project will be split into two sections:

The first year will Pre-production where i shall be doing all my research from various sources i.e. internet, books/magazines and taking photograhs myself. I shall then start on loose designs formulating as many ideas as possible, before moving onto more finished pieces of work. I will then create blueprints of the 3d models ready to be used in the second year.The applications to be used for this stage of the project will be Photoshop along with my drawing tablet. I shall also be using paper to create the initial ideas with pen and also using my digital camera.

The second year will be production this is where i shall actually build the 3D models using mainly 3DS Max along with Z-Brush to create textures, Normal and Specular maps that will be required. After my models are built i shall implement them into the Unreal Engine and share it with the Unreal community for them to enjoy.

See what you think ive got to go out for abit but i shall finish it later when i get home so ill check back later.

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