Sunday, 8 February 2009

More loose concepts

I met John on friday again and i showed him my looser smaller thumbnails he said that it looked too methodical as all in a straight line and to try to not concentrate on being too precise on where the drawings go on the page. Also he mentioned to me to think about the actual physical body more and to experiment with different body shapes. He said to really experiment as this will be the only chance ill have to do exactly what i want because when you get in the industry you will be told exactly what is needed. So anyway ive gone away and here is some new sketches ive knocked up thinking more on the body shape more than anything with some other ideas thrown in.


Dave Wood said...

They are still face on. Use your new technique with multiple views. That will also make the work look less 'methodical'. Keep the drawings loose and quick, and show us how the character will look 360ยบ on the same page. Look back at the other image you posted in an earlier post where you see the same character from different angles.

Ste Chabeaux said...

I was going to start doing that Dave but after speaking to John im not at that stage yet im still at the initial stage just throwing down as many ideas as possible. Its all about the ideas being put down on paper and work up to that stage.