Friday, 20 February 2009

More diary then useful stuff

Hi to you all

This has been one of those weeks where you feel progress has been made, I have still to take an image but my diary is full of opportunities.

The scale of my final work though not completely finalised has been informed by the display space made available. I had a meeting with a printer who went into panic mode when told the overall size, I tried to reassure him by saying that I would keep the file size under 4 gig, yes! you read right 4 gig for one flattened image. The printing costs are astronomical and as the banker of last resorts I like the printer am starting to worry.

As a theme, the reminiscence work I am doing with the dockers looks likely to be replaced by a group of people who suffer from dementia. The construct I developed in the pre-production module which you gamers can think of as an engine allows for such changes without compromising the outcome.

Lets hear a few more voices on the blog, it would be interesting to know how you are faring.



Ste Chabeaux said...

I will be very interested on how your project is going to turn out Dave as I have experienced dementia first hand. My girlfriends father died of it last year, keep me updated.

Dave Wood said...

Yes lets get some sharing of progress going. Dave and Ste seem to still be the only voices. Mmm both are group reps too, coincidence? Get involved and maintain the mutual support of the group.