Monday, 9 February 2009

Miles Turner Work In Progress

The lowest level of the map is going to consist of the basic platforms and subway tunnels. This section of the map is going to be the gloomiest of them all. There is going to be very few strip lights lighting up the platforms themselves but only in certain areas.

The image gives a good idea of how I would like the platforms to look, once again with pillars creating obstructions and cover for the player. The lighting would be changed because it should be dark to create anxiety. The platforms will have waiting rooms which will create more obstacles and wont make the platform just be long and plain with no objects.

The tunnels themselves will be lit quite well, a few lights will be turned out but generally it will be quite bright with some different coloured lights like red lights indicating that there is something wrong in the subway tunnels. In the subway tunnels I will add a fog effect because this will help with the atmosphere, and with the lighting being quite bright and a different colour, the fog should make the view quite distorted.

Finally to add to the perimeter of the subway tunnels, I will need to have something to block the player. I hope to achieve this by creating possibly a train which I will have overturned. I may also have a train which will just be halted at the station because of the pandemic, and it should be enterable and would serve well for weaponry
spawns. The enterable carriages will serve as a bridge to get the player from one side of the platform to another.

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