Tuesday, 3 March 2009


Why is it when the wheels are in motion lots of things fall apart on you?

I could moan at all the little problems ive had this past 2 weeks but I won't, 2 videos taken so far off people walking about (in St Helens) and a (very) short clip of people playing football. Have started to work on the analysis (see pic below) of them as these will form the basic back-ups in case my main plan off filming actors goes tits up.

My rationale hasnt been touched much so I will keep working on it when I get chance
ps sorry about the image being crap, im not used to CorelRave

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Dave Wood said...

Good to see stuff going up. Problems will always happen, but the strength is in how you overcome them. Let's see a load more of these analytic tests at the group crit next week. The more you do the quicker you'll learn the software and you'll become more productive. Bite the bullet be brazen about videoing. Set up a tripod and film. If you feel exposed get a couple of mates to keep you company, you'll look like a film crew. People will be less worried then about your filming. How is the contacting going? Ian Greenall from performing arts will gladly advise if you get in touch.