Thursday, 5 March 2009

Tips if wanting to post images on Epic Games Forums

Yesterday i joined the Epic Games forums community and i had lots of trouble putting up my images on the threads. It took me ages to get it right but im now sharing my work with the Epic Games community.

The problems i was having was, you have to link your work with a URL address and when i was putting in the college blog URL a little white box would appear with a red cross through it and wouldnt display the image. So i asked for help and this is what someone wrote back "As far as the images giving you heck it looks like your using a blog site for image hosting, many of those sites do not allow direct linking. Try putting your image on a site like Image Shack or Photobucket, then link to it form there."

So what i had to do was, i uploaded my images to and then when i went back into the Epic Games forum the images appeared.

I just thought i would share it with everyone so you dont have the same problems that i had.

The URL for the Epic Games Community is

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