Wednesday, 11 March 2009

Background of character?

With the help of my mate Stuwart Owens and while i came up with the original concept we have come together and started to write the back story for my character where, when he was born etc. So here is what we have done so far:

William Molenar (June 12 2499) was an Colonel in the Unified Army during the Unification Wars, at the Battle of Vienna, he commanded a rescue mission that freed the deposed Alliance Leader from captivity. Molenar was also the leader of Operation Gemini, in which soldiers were to infiltrate through enemy lines, using their opponents' uniforms and customs.

Molenar was born in Durban into a middle-class South African family that had a long history of military service. In addition to his native Afrikaans, he spoke excellent French and English. In his teens, William once complained to his father of the austere lifestyle that his family was suffering from by mentioning he had never tasted real butter in his life due to the worldwide depression.. His father replied, "There is no harm in doing without things. It might even be good for you not to get used to a soft life." Thus his underprivileged upbringing helped make him the feared warrior that he became. He was a noted swordsman at the Military Academy in London were he also excelled as an engineer. He engaged in thirteen personal combats. The tenth resulted in a wound that left a dramatic scar on his cheek.
In 2520 Molenar joined the Unification Forces and soon became a member of the Werewolves an elite Special Forces unit. A charismatic figure, Molenar played a minor role in the Austrian Invasion of July 12 2525, when he saved the Austrian President Wilhelm Moloch from being shot by Unification Troops.
After the 2520 invasion of the Mars Colonies, Molenar, then working as a civil engineer, volunteered for service in the Air Force but was turned down on grounds of age. He then joined Fathers (Leader of UWL) bodyguard regiment, as an officer-cadet.
In 2522, as an UF Corporal, he impressed his superiors by designing drop ships to quickly unload ordinance from ships. He then fought in the liberation of Venus and The Capture of the Europan Power Systems, where he achieved distinction by forcing a large Alliance force to surrender; following which he was promoted to Captain.
Molenar went to war on Earth with the 1st Infantry and subsequently fought in several battles on the American Front. In October 2253 he was in charge of a "technical section" of the Unified forces during the battle for Moscow. His mission was to seize important buildings of the Alliance Forces, including the Allied headquarters at Lubyanka, and the Central Command and other high priority facilities, before they could be destroyed.
In December 2523 he was severely wounded in the back of the head by shrapnel and sent to Vienna to recover. While in Vienna, he learned that The Doctor had decided to form a new unit similar to the Commandos – The Werewolves he quickly volunteered for this and was accepted.
After Molenar had recovered from his wounds, he took command of The First Werewolf Unit. In July 2525, he was personally selected by The Doctor from among six UF Air Force and Army special agents to lead the operation to rescue Air Marshall Caine. Almost two months of cat-and-mouse followed as the Allied Forces moved Caine from place to place to frustrate any rescuers. Information on Caine's location and its topographical features were finally secured by The Planner (Molenar’s second in command) and aerial reconnaissance by Molenar himself. On September 12, Molenar took part in "Operation Legend" a daring assault on a fortified base in Northern Scotland. Caine was rescued without firing a single shot. Molenar escorted Caine to Rome and later to London. The exploit earned Molenar fame and promotion to Major.
On October 20, Molenar was in London when an attempt on The Doctor's life was made. Anti-Unity Army officers tried to seize control of the UWL's main decision centres before The Doctor recovered from his injuries. Molenar helped put down the rebellion, spending 36 hours in charge of the United Forces's central command centre before being relieved.
Then came his most daring raid
As planned by Molenar, Operation Endgame involved about two dozen Werewolf Operatives, most of them in captured Alliance Ships and dressed as Alliance soldiers, who would penetrate the last Alliance base in Antarctica to cause disorder and confusion. While this happened Molenar and the Planner infiltrated the High Command, assassinating the entire leadership – ending in a stroke the Unification Wars.

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