Friday, 30 January 2009

*UPDATED* More new sketches

Well after coming home from work today and having shown John via email my drawings he said im definately getting there now but added this at the end of the email:
"On the 50 thumbs. A thumb is size 2cm maybe 5cm. Yes on doing on e in black pen. Follow the book !
The book that John has lent me explains this reason for doing your thumbnail sketches so small it says:
"The small size of the drawings forces you to think in terms of major shapes and not detail. With this method, there is little pressure to produce good drawings, so you can focus on generating lots of ideas"
So this is what i done when i got in its on 1 sheet of A4 paper, im really starting to understand this process now and it helping with my ideas.

I saw John briefly on friday and i showed him my latest thumbnails and he said much improved but i could loosen up even more. So ive decided to use a Bic pen to see if that helps and i think it has feel like im definately on the right track now after all this time :)

Having looked at my thumbnails i know i needed to loosen up even more so still using a blue and black biro ive reworked on some of my previous drawings and here is the result.

I sent these new drawings to John and he said:"Good on the loosening....Are these thumbs 3 cm high ? Thats what you should be doing dont forget"

So im going to fit about 60 pics on a A4 piece of paper from now on will post more up when i have one completed.

Ive now produced 60 thumbnails on a A4 sheet of paper quite pleased with the results. What do you think Dave?


Dave Wood said...

Breakthrough! This is the looseness you've been looking for. Keep going.

Dave Wood said...

Keep going :-)

Dave Wood said...

Great, now show the same ideas from different points of view AND still keep it rough. Use the wonderful looseness you're achieving to visualise the whole 360 degree figure