Wednesday, 28 January 2009

Answering the call for more Visual Work

This is what ive produced this afternoon when i got homeafter our group crit today. What does everyone think? As requested Dave here is the other picture that i showed at the group crit today. Having abit of trouble with this blog Dave dont know why put i cant rearrange the images when im posting. Any idea why Dave?


Dave Wood said...

Always to be trusted to share. Nice one Steve. Post the other image you showed at the crit today. Good that these were done fast, lets see what these figures look like from different angles too.

Now for the rest of you… C'MON!!!

Dave Wood said...

I take it you use the compose mode? I've just rearranged the order OK. What was the problem you encountered?

Ste Chabeaux said...

For some reason i cant arrange any images once they have been uploaded. Dont know why its always been fine i cant drag the image to arrange them. Thanks for rearranging them for me Dave :)