Tuesday, 6 January 2009

Start date back

Happy New Year all!

January is here and a new start beckons.

Officially you all begin on Wednesday 21st January, but your actual sessions to attend will be different (see below). This term the full-timers and part-timers split onto their own study streams. They will now be dealt with separately for the practical modules. Kate's dissertation module will be as normal. If you haven't already done so use the time up to the formal sessions to work on your dissertation. Request a tutorial from Kate.

I will be posting a final insight into how I write academically, showing techniques I use to plan, draft, refine and reference over the weekend.

Full-timers - first session = Friday 23rd 9:30 J313

Production module.
Module Leader/Specialist Tutor: Stas Krakiewicz
Specialist Tutor: Dean Betton
Specialist Tutor: Stuart Carter

During the day you will formulate a working brief from your Pre-production rationale. With Stas you will have an individual tutorial to discuss your design document with him in order to now implement the work you've planned. By the end of the day you will agree a plan that will last 11 weeks resulting in the creative outcome you proposed.

Once this is done you will each be assigned a primary specialist tutor to consult for the duration of the module: Karen and Miles with Stas, Jenny and Kurzon with Dean, and Dave with Stuart. You are free to consult the other specialist tutors for secondary opinions, but their priority will be on their assigned students. Consultations through regular tutorials will be student-led and will be for guidance and monitoring only. Specialist-tutors are not there to teach.

Part-timers - group crit = Wednesday 28th 9:30 C431

Pre-production Module
Module Leader/Specialist Tutor: Dave Wood
Specialist Tutor: Dean Betton

You will begin a week later than the full-timers. On this Wednesday we will have a group crit on your rationale. Look to earlier posts on the blog to what was required of the full-timers. 10 minutes each, you know the drill.

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