Wednesday, 8 October 2008


Hi guys well since we never had a lecture today i started my initial brief just wanted to make a start it isnt the finished artical still needs fine tuning but see what ive done and all comments positive or negative are welcome :)


Back Story

The year is 2098; Earth as we know it today is dying with the aid of air and land pollution the human race have colonised other planets to ensure their survival. With the depletion of the two pole ice caps, major flooding has been created causing major weather fluctuations. Earth is now kept in near complete darkness with violent weather conditions ranging from freak dusk storms to hurricanes and tornadoes, as well as constant downpours of rain.

During the colonisation of other worlds the U.W.L. (Unified World Leaders) agreed to form a corporation called the D.I.C (Duplicates Individual Consortium) to create Human Cyborgs to aid the Human Race in the colonisation of other worlds. With the huge advancement in robotics and medical science the D.I.C. created Human Cyborgs called Equivalents.

Equivalents are near on perfect replicas of their makers and it is very difficult to distinguish between the two. Equivalents have superior strength and intelligence as this was required for the heavy workload that was required throughout the colonisation of other worlds. Throughout the years Equivalents had multiplied by the millions and had even formed their own communities throughout the new formed worlds.

With the Human Race now seemingly safe from distinction, the U.W.L. agreed that all Equivalents should be decommissioned immediately. This formed wide spread panic within the Equivalent society and they decide to fight back.

Many decades later and the war between the Human Race and the Equivalents still rage on with no end insight. With both sides knowing their strength and weaknesses the struggle seems never ending but at some point one side will come out victorious…


The creation of characters for the Humans and Equivalents.

Time period

The year is 2120 there is a war going on between the human race and human cyborgs called Equivalents. With other worlds now colonised the battle has begun and survival of each race hangs in the balance. Advancement in weapon technology has not evolved much further on than in today’s society although some major advancements have arisen in recent times mainly the use of laser technology however this is at a very early stage of the process.


Humans = Humans have been around for hundred of thousands of years and have survived and adapted to every given situation. With the introduction of the Equivalents the human race are facing their biggest challenge to date and their mission is to eradicate the Equivalents once and for all. It was now up to the D.I.C. to undo their previous work and bring back order to all the colonised worlds.

Equivalents = The Equivalents main function was to help the human race colonise other worlds in order for the human race to survive. With their main priority now done the human race saw no need for the Equivalents to survive, the Equivalents deemed this unacceptable and decided to fight back. Equivalents are not much different than their makers but seemingly having superior strength and intelligence.


Pre-Production – Year 1

To collate as much research material as possible via images taken from the internet, magazines and books these will then be then used to create my initial ideas. Films = Blade Runner, Total Recall, Runner man, Star Wars Series, Aliens Series, Serenity, Minority Report and the Matrix Trilogy. (Others may follow)
Plenty of initial sketches formulating in rough sketches of ideas on how my characters are to look and stand. Also what clothes they shall where and what weapons that they shall have.
The creation of final / finished images that are to be as my final pieces of work using Photoshop and other applications.
Final blueprints to be taken into 3DS Max for creation.

Production – Year 2

To create at least 2 Human characters and 2 Equivalents ready to implement into a game engine using 3DS Max as my main tool application along with Z-Brush to create normal maps etc.

Creation Budget is to comprise of the following:

9000 tris max for everything (everything = characters, glows, effects, artifact, weapons and their effects, steeds, pets, twins, multiple characters, summoned monsters and personal equipment)
1 x 2048 Color Map
*1 x 2048 Reflection Map
*1 x 2048 Specular Map
*1 x 2048 Specular Color Map
*1 x 2048 Normal Map
*1 x 2048 Bump Map
*1 x 2048 Opacity(transparency) Map
*1 x 2048 Glow map*1 x 2048 Glossiness map

* Optional

Final images of the 3D models that I created depicted in a mock up game environment again using Photoshop to give an impression what my models shall look like in-game.


Dave Wood said...

Our first student post! Nice one Ste. I'm back this side of the border now. Ste I'll get back to commenting tomorrow properly. C'mon the rest of you start sharing your work. No-one will rip you off.

Dave Wood said...

Hi Ste,

The initial suggestion of what, when and with what is a good start.

What you want to do, when you will do them and setting your constraints to work with are all good points to think about.

Ok my initial questions to think about are:
What have you based the poly counts on? Are these industry standard? Research these points as part of the pre-production planning.

Next Wednesday we will cover tools and exercises that will explore everything you discussed in the pre-production section.

A good start.