Wednesday, 22 October 2008

Cheers for the links

There the art site that can help loosen up your drawing. Anyone else wanting to improve their drawing this site is good - since one of the best ways to improve is life drawing and if your like me you cant aford it.

To loosen up your drawing, first off the best way to do it at first is traditional style but you can use a wacon tablet. Select '30 second drawing' to start it off. To start with only try and get the stick figure down: the spine, sholders, hips arms, leg and head - also try and include the rip cage after you start getting used to what needs to be done. Once you start getting good at this you can start trying to add more shape to the body but dont get tided up with detail, you want to focus on getting the shape down with the propotion right fast.

hope that makes sence, and if helpful

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