Wednesday, 9 September 2009

Part-time Enrolment Date and Room

Hi part-timers,

Its enrolment time next week and due to different work schedules it looks like it will be spread across the two days. Either way we will do exactly the same thing.

I have a simple form printed for you to sign to enroll. Then I'll give you an initial briefing on your final project. This will be followed by time for you to write up your own brief based upon your rationale. So bring with you a copy of your rationale and a pen.

Those coming in on Wednesday 16th will be enrolling in room K202 in the Business College building. That is the building next to SKB with the glass entrance facing into the car park.

Those coming in on Friday 18th will be enrolling in room J313 in the SKB building (the games room).

The sessions will begin at 9:30am and last all morning.

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