Wednesday, 2 September 2009

New year Final Year

Hi Part-timers,

Hope you've had a good summer. Enrollment is nearly here for your last year and module before eventual graduation.

Your final Production module will be self-directed with specialist-tutor support by Stas and Dean. The emphasis is on you delivering what you've planned during the Pre-Production module. If during the summer you've changed your plans that's fine as the beginning of the next module will give you some time to revise your idea.

Apart from enrollment you'll have very little contact with me, as you'll be arranging tutorials with your specialist-tutors. Remember keep them updated on a regular basis to avoid any problems. It is usually fatal to a student if they try to go-it-alone without showing progress to your tutors… silly errors or bad judgments are made this way.

Tony and Kev are coming in on Wednesday 16th September at 9:30am (room TBC) to enroll, as their supervisors cannot swap days to Friday. Steve and Dave, I don't know where you stand regarding a day change to Friday for this next year. If you can it takes pressure off of Stas and Dean (see previous July posts). Do you both want to also come in to enroll on Wednesday 16th or the following Friday? Let me know ASAP so I can plan.

On enrollment day I will also brief you on the last module - especially about the model book 30% component of your final mark.

You've all had a fantastic 1st year with some fantastic grades. In your final year DON'T CHASE THE GRADE. Just concentrate upon doing a great project that answers the learning outcomes. Be ambitious but don't blind yourself.

I look forward to you all succeeding in July as BA (Hons) graduates and starting a new chapter in your lives.

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