Friday, 5 June 2009

CAB completed - grades coming soon

Hi all,

The CAB met today and the grades and awards have been set. I will mail out the feedback sheets next week which contain the breakdown of your grades with feedback. I believe Huddersfield will post the grade transcript summary to you. So be patient you eager beavers… not long to go now.

The board were impressed by the degree and the achievements. Although I am not going to post the grades here, as they are confidential, I can say that the graduating full timers have a good range of grades. The grades range from the first FIRST CLASS award on the degree through Upper and Lower Second Class awards. Part-timers grades are also healthy looking but you'll get your praise next year when you complete the degree.

There are two people referred on a module each, one on Pre-production and one on Production. I obviously cannot say who the two are but the two people will be notified next week. You will have to complete the referral work within two weeks to a passable standard, and this referral work will be presented to a Referral CAB in July. If the work is passable you will graduate/progress in July.

To end this post on a high note the board commended the entire group for your dissertations. Everyone has passed this module with a good range of grades. Kate has really enjoyed working with you all on your theses, and you should all feel very proud that Kate, who has a PhD, praises you so much. I will return your bound copies with feedback attached when I send all the grades. You have all done yourself academically proud.

After you receive your feedback, please read it carefully (don't just look at your grade) as the academic team have spent time giving constructive feedback. If you then wish to discuss your work, grades and feedback book an appointment to see me. I would recommend that the two people who have been referred make an appointment to ensure they understand what they need to re-submit.

Good luck to the students graduating this year, its been a pleasure seeing your development. Although you've graduated you can still keep the course informed of your career as you will be able to continue posting to this blog. To the part-timers' your time is in 12 months… I'll see you in September.

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Dave Wood said...

Before you ask if you can pre-book an appointment to discuss your work/grade my answer is… wait until you get your mail eager beaver!