Saturday, 6 June 2009

VideoGame Nation

If any of you have any free time go and see the VideoGame Nation exhibition. Its is on at URBIS in Manchester. If you don't know your way around Manchester its easy to find as the URBIS building is in the centre of town (its worth the trip just to see the building).

The exhibition charts the history of video gaming, with emphasis on the British input (quite considerable). Its a hands on exhibition and if video gaming is your thing, its a guaranteed good time. Entrance is three quid, I don't play video games and I still thought it was worth it. You will also come away with loads of ideas.

After you have seen all that VideoGame Nation has to offer go one flight up and see the State of the Art exhibition, now this should blow your socks off and could really inform your work. Its billed as the latest contemporary art coming out of New York, sixteen artists and its free!

Go see.


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