Friday, 1 May 2009


Here is the first vehicle concept nearly finished it need something added to it to finish it off but i dont know yet.


David Casey Jones said...

Yo Ste, looks really nice. It looks 3D aswell, in the sense that it was modelled in a 3D package :)
The only thing Id change is the colour of the background mate, apparently concept art should never be grey on grey. Make the background colour a light brown shade, it should add more form to the design. Also, download some photoshop smoke brushes and add smoke or steam coming from parts of the vehicle and in the background :)

Looking nice though man

Dave Wood said...


Ste Chabeaux said...

Thanks mate its getting there im still not happy with it i think the colours are too flat at the mo. So ive taken it back into illustrator to add some more panels so i can make the colours stand out more. Thanks for the tip about the background as well that should help as well.