Friday, 19 December 2008

Visio (yet more file formats)

The pre-production module caused me no end of problems, with different file formats not communicating with each other. As is sods law the true extent of the problem I had only revealed itself at the last moment, as a result I struggled to complete all components of the module.

You should all be aware of the college’s inability to open docx files, in the fullness of time this will be resolved but perhaps not in our time. However the file format that I didn’t see coming was .vsd files, these are created by ‘Microsoft’ Visio. This program was mentioned during one of are get togethers, it is a great program for Gantt charts and brainstorming. My advice if you use it; be aware that it will only open on computers with Visio or a Visio reader, a way around this is to save it as a. jpg, as I have done in posting my Gantt chart and mind map to the blog. The .jpg file is universal and is available in Visio ‘file’, ‘save as’, ‘save as type’.

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